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5 questions to ask a previous homeowner before buying a home


A home is perhaps the largest single investment in anyone’s lifetime, which is why searching for the ideal place often requires plenty of time and effort. Before closing the deal, it’s likely you already have all the important details you need on the home.Getting information from the previous homeowner however, will help you make a better decision.

Here are five important questions you should ask:

Why are you selling the home?

There can be a lot of reasons behind every homeowner’s decision to sell, whether it’s a new job, a need to relocate to a smaller or larger home, life events like marriage or a birth of a child, and so on.

Keep in mind that while you might not get an honest answer, knowing why the previous homeowner is relocating may help you during the negotiation period. Depending on their reason for moving, a seller may be more open to accepting a lower offer, especially if he or she is pressed for time.

When did you buy the home and how much did it cost?

Knowing how much the previous owner paid for the home can help lead to a better deal. It can give you a picture of local market values, whether they’ve gone up or down since the home was purchased. In addition, it can be a good indication of how open the seller might be to negotiation – if it was purchased at a low price, they might be willing to accept an offer close to that figure, as it can still mean a reasonable profit for them.

What’s the neighborhood like?

A neighborhood’s desirability can be influenced by a number of factors such as location, cleanliness, traffic congestion, noise levels, and crime. It’s always a good idea to try to get information on any potential problems in the area before finalizing the deal.

If you want to know more about a neighborhood’s crime statistics, you can drop by the local police department and ask for information.

How long has the home been on the market?

One of the main reasons why a home stays on the market for an extended period is poor pricing strategy – it might’ve been priced unreasonably high to begin with. A home that stays too long on the market is considered a “stale” listing, which can be a problem for the seller as buyers might think there’s something wrong with it.

If the home has stayed in the market for a long time, the seller may be more willing to negotiate.

What do you love most about the home?

While this might seem like an unusual thing to ask, this question may help you discover something new about the home or neighborhood. This is the type of information that you can only get from the previous owner. Who knows – you might get to learn small details like neighborhood get-togethers, the close proximity to the park or the library, or the best kinds of flowers or plants to grow in the yard.

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