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Tips on selling your Sun City Festival home

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If you’re a home seller in Sun City Festival, you’ll be glad to know that there are over 70 million baby boomers in the country – many of whom are looking for a retirement residence. But selling a home is never easy, so we’ve gathered a few tips to help you close the deal faster:

Be where they are

You can’t sell a house without marketing it first. To do so effectively, you need to understand how and where your target audience gets their information. According to a study by the American Press Institute (API), baby boomers still get news and information from traditional media such as television and newspapers. As such, you should consider placing ads in the local paper’s classified section or send marketing materials via direct mail.

Take note of marketing guidelines

As a master-planned community, Sun City Festival has certain marketing guidelines that sellers need to observe. For instance, you can install just one “For Sale” sign per home, to be placed in your front lawn. If you have an open house, you can have up to four signs, but they can be displayed from 8AM to 6PM only. In either case, the signs need to conform to prescribed dimensions. Be sure to consult your agent or the admin office to ensure compliance with these standards.

What makes the home senior friendly?

Of course, don’t forget the features that make your home perfect for the over-50 demographic. For instance, you may have decided to build a bungalow to minimize steps and stairs – a convenient feature seniors will appreciate. You may have also designed your bathrooms to have grip bars and non-slip surfaces to avoid any slipping accidents. And contrary to what many people believe, baby boomers don’t always want to live in a smaller home, so feel free to tout its size. After living for decades in a spacious home, they’ll look for that same luxury in their retirement residence. Plus, the extra space is useful when the grandkids come to visit.

Highlight the experience

Many seniors are looking for a place where they can relax and enjoy their golden years. Hence, make sure to highlight not just the home itself but the community it’s part of. Luckily, Sun City Festival has many amenities worth featuring, such as its recreation center, golf course, dog park, pickleball complex, shops, and restaurants. Likewise, focus on the nearby conveniences that matter to retirees, such as hospitals or airports (for visiting family).

Make the transition easier

Moving houses is never easy, especially because homes hold a lifetime’s worth of memories. As such, many seniors feel they’re simply not yet ready to take the leap. Sellers can adjust their offers to make that transition smoother, such as offering to pay for the moving costs or offering a renovation package so that buyers can make their new home more like their old one.

Selling a home in a senior community poses its own unique challenges. Need help selling your property? Get in touch with White Tank Properties at 623-606-9354 or send an email to info@whitetankproperties.com today.